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Network environment is changing into the mass-gigabit since IT infrastructure based on internet is becoming more common. Malicious attack and harmful traffic targeting it also tend to increase rapidly such as worm, virus and DoS.

Thus, the fastest network technology should be worked with security technology preventing threats in order to protect the network environment.

Absolute IPS of AhnLab is the network security product which shows the solution through deep understanding of this problem.

Absolute IPS is Intrusion Prevention Solution which handles packets freely up to 7 layer, maintaining 8Gbps circuit speed based on Network Processor.

Absolute IPS detects and blocks abnormal flow systematically in order to block the new worms and DoS and also provides fast interruption-free bypass function in case of a system fault and minimizes network fault.

Especially, Absolute IPS is acknowledged the stability and performance by acquisition of CC(Common Criteria) Authentication (EAL4:Evaluation Assurance Level 4)in August 2007.


Feature Feature Description
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)-type stateful packet inspection
  • • Detection and handling of more than 3,500 known attacks (or known signatures)
  • • Detection and handling of IP, protocols, and traffic anomaly attacks
  • • Detection and handling of DoS and scan through self-learning
  • • Infrastructure Protection Filter (IPF) for protection of important assets such as servers and routers
  • • Various responses scheme
    - Logging, notify, e-mail, packet drop, rate control, session kill, firewall interface, etc.
Application and Traffic Control
  • • Various control methods depending on the characteristics of nine messengers and P2P services
  • • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • • URL/URI Blocking
  • • Spam blocking (Keyword Filtering)
  • • Blocking of infected host communication through the quarantine function
Installation and operation
  • • In-line, Span, Tab and Port Clustering operation modes
  • • 256 virtual sensor (CIDR, physical port, VLAN Tag)
  • • Raw data storing and analysis
  • • HA and bypass
  • • Network and host monitoring
  • • Immediate blocking of certain events
Integrated Management
  • • Classified administrator authorities (general administrator / super administrator)
  • • Various signature update methods (without rebooting)
  • • Set-up wizard
  • • Real-time equipment status monitoring
  • • Integrated log management and real-time event searching
  • • Log and configuration backup/restore
Statistics and report
  • • Real-time Statistics and report
  • • Minimum nine graphs types including bar, area, pie, and Gantt
  • • Minimum 33 report types
  • • Report export into PDF, xls, doc, HTML and other formats
  • • Basic log search, and extended log search through SQL

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