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AOS(AhnLab Online Security)

Our newest and improved online security service. With AOS, you can use all four products; Anti-Key logger, Firewall, Anti-Virus/Spyware and Secure Browser. It will increase your security status, so all your online interactions with banks, financial businesses, online games and shopping will be safer and more assured.

AhnLab Online Security (AOS) is a security ASP service to protect all security threats occurred in Internet business. AOS consists of anti-keylogger, firewall, anti-virus/spyware and secure browser. You can use all services by ones-stop installation. AOS anti-keylogger prevents data disclosure keylogger steals keyboard inputs. AOS firewall detects and blocks network attack. AOS anti-virus & spyware adopts the V3 engine to comprehensively scan and repair virus and spyware. Lastly, AOS Secure Browser is a dedicated security browser to block memory hacking in Internet business.

Product Benefits
  • AOS protects customers from security threats such as malicious codes, hacking, phishing, etc. that may be occurred in Internet services such as Internet banking, portal, online shopping mall, etc.
  • AOS increases customer reliability by removing vulnerability in memory security and USB keyboard security and by preventing COM interface hooking in compliance with the security guidelines of the Financial Supervisory Service of Korea.
  • AOS can protect personal information such as ID, password, residence number, account number, etc. which maybe transferred in Internet transactions.
  • AOS provides stable Internet business by preventing illegal network communication.
  • AOS allows you to use all services by one-stop installation and can provide safe Internet service without user's interaction.

System Requirements

Item Standard Specification
Hardware environment Pentium III 700MHz or more
Memory 128 or more
HDD 100M or more
OS / browser environment Support Windows 98 or Higher/Vista 32bit & 64bit
Supported languages English, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese

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