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AOS Anti-Virus&Spyware is an on-line anti virus program applying AhnLab's technology and know-how accumulated for 20 years. You can directly scan and repair virus and spyware in any computer connected to Internet even though a separate anti virus program is not installed.

Product Feature & Benefits
  • Best antivirus/spyware searching technology accumulated in V3
  • The V3 technology accumulated for 20 years since 1988 scans/repairs both virus and spyware. In addition, the up-to-date TS engine is employed to critically shorten the time required for scanning and updating.

  • AhnLab Security E-response Center (ASEC)-based fast pattern update
  • For virus, hacking tool and worm protection for 365 days and 7dats a week, the global organization AhnLab Security E-response Center (ASEC) provides fast update and provides prompt response in an emergency.

  • Unknown Virus/Spyware detection
  • Heuristic scan : AOS Anti-Virus&Spyware minimizes damage incurred by malicious codes by detecting similar malicious codes and unknown codes.

  • Convenience of all-in-one inspection
  • Various kinds of program scan/repair can be accomplished by a single click without complicated environment setup and intuitive UI (User Interface) enables even beginners to easily use the product.

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