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AOS Firewall is an on-line PC firewall to protect individuals from varieties of security threats. This product detects unauthorized intrusion and external hacking over network to preclude disclosure of personal password or information and threats of data damage.

Product Feature & Benefits
  • Compliance with Finance ISAC's security recommendations
  • AOS Firewall can respond to malicious IP/port access through command window or driver by clearing vulnerability in personal firewall security recommended by Finance ISAN.

  • Equipped with AhnLab's up-to-date TS engine
  • AOS Firewall is equipped with AhnLab's up-to-date TS engine to ensure faster and more reliable response than the existing firewall products against worm/virus/hacking tools.

  • Simple installation and auto update
  • AOS Firewall automatically runs when an Internet web page is connected and update engine to block the latest malicious code and hacking tools automatically more than once everyday.

  • User-friendly UI
  • AOS Firewall provides webpage type screens for users familiar with Internet and increase intuitiveness of menus for user's convenience

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