Development Tool
   - Rapid Development Tool

Security Products
 Desktop Protection
   - V3 Internet Security 8.0
 Server Protection
   - V3Net for Windows Server 7.0
   - V3VirusWall FileScan for Linux
 Management Solution
   - AhnLab Policy Center 3.0

Network Appliances
   - AhnLab Network Appliance
   - TrusGuard UTM
   - Absolute IPS

Online Security Services
   - AhnLab Online Security(AOS)
   - AOS Anti-Keylogger
   - AOS Firewall
   - AOS Anti-Virus & Spyware
   - AOS SecureBrowser

   Products     AhnLab Network Appliance

Features and Characteristics of AhnLab Network Appliance
AhnLab network appliance is designed based on two processor types - universal CPU and network processor. Those which are designed based on universal CPUs support easy functional addition and great flexibility, which means flexible responses to ever-changing network environment. Moreover, Network Processor (NP)-based network appliance guarantee high reliability in a multi gigabit environment. AhnLab adopted programmable NP for flexible functional extension.

World-recognized AhnLab network Security Technology
AhnLab's network appliance has been certified by Korea's K4, CC, NSS, and Chinese authorities. In particular, AhnLab's Absolute IPS acquired Evaluation Assurance Level 4(EAL4) CC certificate in August 2007.

Competitiveness of AhnLab Network Appliance
  • Network Security Technologies Accumulated for More than Ten Years

  • Network security technologies proven in more than 3,000 sites
  • Highly Reliable NP-based Security Hardware

  • Millions of concurrent sessions Hardware packet inspection to guarantee maximum circuit capacity
  • AhnLab's Contents Security Technology, Leader in the Field for More than 20 Years

  • Outstanding anti-virus, anti-spyware, PC firewall, and URL filtering technologies under V3 brand

Distinguishment of AhnLab Network Appliances
AhnLab's Network Appliance Product Line provides high responsiveness to malicious contents including viruses, worms, and Spywares and other attacks based on these malicious contents, which can't be dealt with at the network level. With full of harmful traffic and IPS signatures, AhnLab's Product Line has high throughput at the network level and an excellent capacity to distinguish "false positives." Taking the advantage of its network security technology verified by more than 3,000 sites and refined for over a decade so far, AhnLab has successfully designed all of its network appliance products using accurate concepts and proper approaches. AhnLabí»s Network Appliance Product Line also can minimize the damage from newly emerging attacks through prompt analysis and necessary signature updates by AhnLab Security Emergency response Center, a globalized security response organization.

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