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Recent security threats designed to steal confidential information such as Trojan Horse and Dropper are becoming more and more specialized and organized.

To better cope up with the recent network environment, a specialized solution which can proactively block malicious codes form the network is vital.

AhnLab TrusGuard SCM is a security appliance best designed for detecting and blocking network-based attacks and malicious codes.

AhnLab TrusGuard SCM protects IT resources from various attacks and security threats which the existing firewalls and IPS products cannot prevent.

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  • Establish a secure corporate network free from various network-based attacks and malicious codes including worm, spyware, DDoS, Trojan Horse, BotNet, and dropper.
  • Guarantee the business continuity by effectively preventing the spread of malicious codes and securing a safe work environment.
  • Ensure better utilization of internal IT resources and greater productivity by maintaining a safe network environment.
  • Provide easier operation and maintenance through plug-in type product installation and automatic signature update
  • 24/7 and real-time-based response by ASEC in order to ensure security from unexpected accidents

Strong detection and prevention of security threats - malicious codes, network-based attacks, attacks on application vulnerabilities, and malicious URL attacks
• 6,000 security threat detection/blocking signatures based on AhnLab?s 20-year expertise and experiences

Proactive blocking of malicious codes before the outbreak and early handling of the outbreak
• Three-step blocking mechanism for complete quarantine

Interface with the APC, and block the access from PC with no APC agent installed. Quarantine infected PCs upon detection.
• Interface with AhnLab Policy Center (APC) to provide the Network Access Control (NAC) function

Easy Installation and Convenient Maintenance
• Support plug-and-play type installation and automatic signature update

Ensure the availability through bypassing of traffic without service interruption, upon emergency such as power failure
• function and dual-line configuration for client network availability

Integrated management, log analysis, and reporting for multiple systems in remote areas
• Provide central management through TrusGuard SCM Manager

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