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AhnLab's TrusGuard UTM is an integrated security system which blocks viruses, worms, spyware, spam, and other malicious contents at various layers through the use of firewall, IPS kernel-based network intrusion prevention, and detection technology.

In particular, AhnLab’s TrusGuard is equipped with unique protection technologies against DDoS attacks, and provides an efficient and safe access to the networks through SSL VPN.

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Feature Feature Description Benefit
  • • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)type stateful packet Inspection
  • • Performance independent of policies and sessions
  • • Route & transparent mode support
  • • Various NAT functions: Static/Dynamic NAT, Excluded NAT
  • • IP/Port/Firewall policy-based QoS
  • • Dynamic & multicast routing Protocol
  • • Object-based intuitive setting and user-friendly functions
  • • Schedule-based policy setting
Safe network free from external security threats and optimal network performance
  • • Packet-based network attack detection and blocking
  • • Signature-based intrusion prevention
  • • Behavior-based intrusion prevention
  • • Detection of malicious codes such as worms, Trojan, spyware, phishing, and other network-based attacks
  • • 3-stage malicious code detection
Detecting and blocking attacks including unknown ones
  • • File-based virus, malicious code detection and blocking
  • • Virus, Trojan, Worm, Spyware, Adware, Phishing, Spam, Malicious site, etc.
  • • HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, Oracle, General TCP support for virus, Trojan, worms, spyware, adware, phishing, spam, and malicious sites
  • • ASEC monitoring and analyzing threats 24/7
  • • 24/7 update through the CDN
Prompt response provided by ASEC team with security experts in 24/7 basis.
Contents Filtering
  • • Spam mail blocking : Scan SMTP, POP3
  • • P2P/Messenger control
  • • Malicious site access control
  • • User-defined keyword-based spam blocking
  • • Malicious site blocking
Greater productivity and network efficiency through removal of unnecessary traffic
DDoS Protection
  • • Detecting and handling DoS attacks made by certain users
  • • Attack detection based on traffic, distribution, and time
  • • Socio-engineering attacks
  • • Handling DDoS attacks made by IP spoofing
Efficient defending of the DDoS attack, which is emerging as one of the biggest network security issues
  • • Gateway to client VPN
  • • IPSec VPN client level service
  • • Enhanced end-point security
Monitoring of traffic incoming through the VPN in order to prevent malicious codes from spreading through the network
Traffic Management
  • • Traffic bandwidth guarantee by IP and port
  • • Manual setting and filtering-based automatic setting
  • • Policy-based QoS for traffic control
  • • Policy/Schedule-based QoS
  • • Traffic shaping and policing
Efficient traffic control and bandwidth management to keep the network in best state

1. Excellence in Creating, Maintaining, and Transmitting Security Threat-handling Contents

AhnLab has advanced technologies which can create and transmit security contents against malicious codes.
· 20-year know-how and experiences in handling worms, viruses and malicious codes
· 24x7 ASEC (AhnLab Security E-Response Center) operation with 100 personnel
· Stable signature distribution through CDN

AhnLab?s security signature continues to be updated-even at this moment!
· 6,000 IPS Signatures
· More than 200,000 V3 Signatures
· Regular Signature update three times per day and emergency update when needed

AhnLab offers efficient prediction and spread blocking functions through the malicious code prevention mechanism
· Step 1 : Prediction of the pattern and distribution of blocking policies
· Step 2 : Distribution of early blocking policies
· Step 3 : Distribution of network worm blocking policies

2. High Performance

Multi Core supports tight contents filtering function such as IPS/Anti-virus in addition to firewall.
· When firewall is used with the IPS, the throughput remains 80% of the firewall use alone.

3. Flexible and Safe Access Environment

SSL VPN with stronger end-point security.
· Keyboard stroke sensing and firewall functions upon initial PC access
· HTTP cache and cookie deletion after use

4. Strong UTM Sticking to Basics

TrusGuard UTM integrates multiple security functions from the design phase to the implementation phase.
· Interfaces among firewall, IPS, anti-virus, and QoS functions

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