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   Development     Rapid Development Tool for All Platform

Rapid Development Tool for All Platform
- Integrate Everything
Rapid Development Tools Platform makes it extremely easy to integrate any external enterprise system, database or custom app. A comprehensive set of pre-built connectors allow you to connect to just about anything from SAP, Oracle and, to databases and cloud services. You can build your own connectors using SOAP and RESTful web services or by leveraging your own Java or .NET code. With Rapid Development Tools Platform there are really no limits to what you can easily integrate and extend.


Extend SaaS and Enterprise Systems

    Integrate your existing enterprise systems using pre-built connectors, or create your own. Fetch and update information from, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Sharepoint and more. In addition, you can connect to any system using web services (SOAP or REST) or through custom Java or .NET code


    Connect to any external database using ODBC/JDBC connections. This means you can combine local and external data sources without requiring complex integration projects. Connectors to other databases like CouchDB are also available for use out-of-the-box.

Connectors and Cloud Services

    Connect to the most popular cloud services like Facebook, Zendesk, Twilio, LinkedIn, Twitter and more through a comprehensive set of connectors that offer you pre-built API connectivity. Get up and running quickly by simply dragging and dropping connectors, or build your own custom connectors to other systems and services.

SOAP and REST Web Services

    Consuming and exposing functionality as standard SOAP or REST web services is a task made extremely simple by Rapid Development Tools Platfform without any hand-coding. More complex enterprise integration scenarios that require the usage of middleware ESB (like MQ Series, TIBCO and BizTalk) are also supported through web services.

Include or Reuse Your Existing Code

    You can use Eclipse or Visual Studio to include, reuse and extend your existing Java or C# code. Rapid Development Tools allows you to create custom code extensions that wrap Java or .NET code that can then be published and made available for use in your applications. At a user interface level, you can use any type of client side technology including your own custom HTML, Javascript, CSS, or even Flash.

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