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V3Net for Windows Server 7.0 is a Security Solution Exclusively for Windows Servers. V3Net 7.0 prevents malicious codes from damaging important server data by detecting and treating malicious codes intruding into Windows servers in real time.


Companies use file servers to manage and share important data. If the vulnerability of servers remains unattended, attacks of malicious codes can cause the damage and leakage of data stored in those servers. In addition, many client PCs connected to them can be infected by malicious codes. V3Net 7.0 protects the assets of your company and ensures business consistency by protecting servers from those threats.

What it does:
  • Secures the safety of a system by preventing servers from becoming the host of malicious codes and spreading them inside.
  • Reduces the cost of system extension by blocking attacks of malicious codes which cause server overload.
  • Enhances work productivity by providing working environments free and safe from malicious code attacks.
  • Minimizes the burden of security management and administration by reinforcing server utilization functions for administrators such as 'no server rebooting' and resource management function.
  • Enhances security as it is also safe to use servers by directly making access to internal network rather than through the internet or external network.


Response to Malicious Codes
  • Real-time monitoring/blocking of virus
  • Diagnosis of malicious programs
  • Real-time monitoring/disinfection of spyware
  • Manual and preset scanning
  • Auto blocking after tracking infected IP
  • Blocking of malicious network packets
  • Protection of files and process related to the product
  • Smart update and TS engine protection

Functions for Server Utilization
  • Efficient use of resource by configuring CPU utilization ratio
  • Addressing rebooting issue occurring in installation/deletion/update
  • Able to establish enterprise-wise security policies by interworking with APC

Professional Response Service
  • Fast and accurate response 24x7x365 through the global response center ASEC (Security E-Response Center)
  • Fast technical and customer support through hot lines for business customers
  • 20 years of experience in malicious code analysis and response
  • The most number of business customers in the area of malicious code response


OS Device Recommended
Windows Server 2008 CPU 2GHZ or over 1GHZ or over
Memory 2GB 512MB
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2000
CPU 700MHZ or over 266MHZ or over
Memory 1GB 512MB
Common HDD 300MB or over 200MB or over
Screen Size 1024 * 768
65,536 color
8800 * 600
256 color

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