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AhnReport - System Analyzing Tool

In order to respond to the problems on your computer promptly and accurately, AhnReport collects your system information and provides it to the AhnLab security experts.

Information collected by AhnReport
  • PC System Information & Operating System(OS)
  • Files and program information that can influence or is related to AhnLab Products
  • - Collected information will not be used without user consent.
    - Process of collecting your system information can take a while.
How to use AhnReport
  • Step 1. Click [Download AhnReport] button and save the file in a temporary folder.
  • Step 2. Run the saved 'AhnReport.exe' file.
  • Step 3. To report suspicious activities, click 'Error Report' or 'Malicious Code Report' button on the top of the program.
  • Step 4. Enter 'Name' and "Description".
  • Step 5. If file attachment is needed, use 'Suspicious Files' or 'Other Files' menu.
  • Step 6. Click 'Send' to finalize Error Report.
  • Step 7. To finalize 'Malicious Code Report', Click 'Save' and save your AhnReport file. Then submit it HERE

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